How To Make 500 Dollars Fast: 7 Easy Ways (2020 Update)

how to make 500 dollars fast

We have devised a plan on how to make 500 dollars fast (even without a job)!

Money makes the world go 'round, but a lot of us may struggle with making enough to cover our necessities.

There's no need to worry, however, because we are here to help you make it through those difficult times when money is tight.

In today's world you need money asap, and we understand that.

Let's get started!

What you will need to follow this tutorial:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • Time to spare
  • Determination

1. Sell Your Stuff Online

Sell Your Stuff Online

Another man's junk is another man's treasure they say. Believe it or not, you are likely sitting on 500 dollars right now, and you may not even know it. Websites such as eBay or Amazon provide people with ample opportunities to make plenty of cash on the side.

We've used these sites plenty of the past and can confirm that they are trustworthy and well worth the effort. All you have to do is find something that you want to sell. This could be movies that you don't watch anymore, textbooks, video games or consoles, and even smaller appliances.

Next, you'll want to make your way over to the site that you've decided to sell from and place your item up for sell. Both sites are very helpful in guiding you through this process.

Just click the word "sell", and you're on your way to making some quick money!

2. Become an Online Tutor

Become an Online Tutor

Do you enjoy teaching others and have plenty of time to spare? Perfect! Online tutoring is an excellent choice for making some money on the side.

Tutors can earn anywhere up to $20 per hour for their tutoring sessions. The best part about this, though, is that you don't have to be a mathematician or have a genius mind to do this.

In fact, one of the hottest subjects to teach is the English language! That's right. You can be paid to teach someone how to speak in your native language.

All you need is a computer and steady internet connection, and you can begin to teach students all over the globe.

If you don't want to teach them English, you're in luck! Online tutoring allows you to teach in all sorts of subjects from science to history and even mathematics!

You simply have to pick the one that you're strongest in and start earning! If you're interested, check out sites such as Chegg Tutors and click "become a tutor" to get started!

3. Become an Uber Driver

Become an Uber Driver

Do you know your way around town like the back of your hand? You're the perfect candidate to become an Uber driver if you do!

Back in March of 2009, Uber launched as a unique taxi service. Instead of the typical yellow taxi coming to pick you up, a person in their car comes to get you instead.

If you've got your car and don't mind driving people around, then this is an excellent opportunity to earn a good bit of money depending on how much you work.

Once you sign up, Uber contacts you and gives you a job to pick up someone.

Of course, you can turn down the assignment if you're busy at the time. If you accept, you are given the address to go to, and you pick the people up and drop them off wherever they would like to go.

A fair warning, however, that Uber works best for individuals who live in cities with bigger populations.

If you reside in a small town where everybody drives, you may not draw much income from this service.

Want to give it a shot? Head on over to Uber today and click "become a driver" to get started!

4. Sell Your Plasma, Blood or Sperm

Sell Your Blood, Plasma or Sperm

Did you know that you can make some extra money by selling your plasma?

It's true!

Now, you may be wondering what is my plasma and is it safe to sell it? Essentially, plasma is what's left of your blood after the red blood cells are removed giving it a clear look. It is also very safe to sell your plasma though you can only sell it once every 28 days.

This method will not make you a rich man by any means, but it does give you an option to make a quick 50 dollars per donation.

You can also sell your sperm and women can sell their eggs for anywhere up to a few hundred dollars. If you need some quick money, this option is a very viable one.

Where do you go to do this?

Find your nearest donor center.

You can look online to find a blood donation center near you and head on over there to get started.

Beware, however, that they do have the right to turn you away for medical reasons such as too much iron in the blood or blood type.

However, it's worth a shot to try and earn a quick 50 bucks!

5. Do Freelance Writing

Do Freelance Writing

Are you a gifted writer? If so, you can look into doing some freelance writing!

You may be wondering what is freelance writing and what do I have to do? The internet is HUGE, and tons of people out there need people to write articles, reviews, and stories for them.

This job is perfect for those with excellent writing skills as you can bring in anywhere from $20-$40 an hour depending on your skill level.

Check out sites such as Freelance Writing to get started. Click "become a writer" on the page, and you'll be asked to submit a piece of work.

If they like it, you'll be able to start receiving jobs from people who need good content, and you'll start bringing in real money.

With hard work, determination, and some good creativity, this job can earn you up to $2,000 a month.

What are you waiting for? Get on over there and start writing!

6. Check Out Fiverr or Upwork

Checkout Fiverr or Upwork

Perhaps you're sitting there thinking to yourself that you're not the best writer and you don't want to drive people around all day.

However, you are pretty handy with computers and design. You're in luck then! People are always in need of somebody who can design a website or edit a video for them.

These sites are like the swiss army knife of finding work to do!

There are jobs for web design, video editing, music and audio, programming, and the list goes on!

Jobs typically pay anywhere from $5-$10 each while others can pay up to $20 depending on what is being asked of you.

You can find something to do on these sites, and it's little to no hassle to get started.

Head on over to Fiverr or Upwork today, click "become a seller" and you're on track to start earning money!

7. Borrow $500 Online

Borrow $500 Online

If you're really in need of the money ASAP, a payday loan is a viable option as well. Essentially, a payday loan is a loan that you pay back before your next paycheck.

This is especially handy if you have gone over your budget for the month unexpectedly or unplanned expenses pop up such as medical or automotive repairs. They do, however, have a high-interest rate, but don't let that stop you if you need the money.

We've all been there before and needed money.

You may be in that position right now so check out more information on how to get 500 dollar loan online.

Bottom Line

Financial uncertainty can be terrifying and leave people living in a state of mind where you're not sure how you'll make it to next week.

We've been through exactly what you're going through now, but the good news is that we made it out and you will too!

Set aside some time today to look through our options and find the one that best suits YOU. When you've found that perfect job, sign up and get busy!

With hard work and determination, you'll be back on track towards a healthy financial life.

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